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sakura’s mommy sense’s tingling…

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Here you have more of Taka’s English ヽ( ˃ ヮ˂)ノ

(First gifset of Taka’s English here ♡) 

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"I am almost tempted to let you take it."

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"We are standing here now, able to shine because you are all here.
The five of us will be here, forever." - 5x10, 嵐

15周年、おめでとう! (´ ▽`).。o♡
Happy 15 anniversary, Arashi!
Thank you everything. For the music, for the encouragement, hope, joy, & happiness, for teaching us that friendship is a great thing. Basically, thank you for everything you guys have given and taught us.
Words cannot explain how much we all love you.

I will continue to support you guys forever. ❤

x x x x

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Sam is an excellent fellow, and would jump down a dragon’s throat to save you, if he did not trip over his own feet.

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Some panels from the doujinshi! Still work in progress ;)

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It is indeed a new age!
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Arashi’s 15th Anniversary ! Arashi Thank you very much for everything, you are the source of a smile. Just think makes your heart beat strongly! I’ve gone through to fifteen years in a flash all Arashi became the thirtieth. But even after he succeeded and have become celebrities you make a lot of effort. You really are great. Thank you for everything you are doing for us, thank you I really love you too. arashi great group forever

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My organs are floating! My organs!”

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